Introducing The Matter of Britain
This wiki is meant to encompass all manner of content, from books to movies to music, that relates in some fashion to the Matter of Britain, which extensively includes, but is not limited to, materials related to Arthurian legends. Tales from the Dark Ages of Britain, all across England, Scotland, Wales and extending out to Ireland and Gaul. Content should be formatted with multiple versions of persons and events in mind. Anyone is welcome to edit this wiki, please try to reference your sources as this is meant to not just provide information, but give knowledge seekers direction to new content.

The Mabinogion

One of the most important resources for the Matter of Britain, this Welsh text is a compilation of twelve tales from British history, with the first four grouped into the Four Branches of the Mabinogion. The most famous version of The Mabinogion was translated from old Welsh into English by Lady Charlotte Guest, but the newest official version, by Sioned Davies, is considered a more accurate rendition. The earliest examples of King Arthur lie within its pages and goes on to give details on many kingdoms of the Dark Ages and the heroes and villains, some of which we know to be historical, others fictional or heavily fictionalised forms of historical figures. Magic, monsters, knights and mysticism.

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